01/12It's completely alright to sneak in a little PDA during these times!

It's completely alright to sneak in a little PDA during these times!

Couples all over the world can be broadly categorised into two categories – couples that engage in PDA and couples that don’t engage in PDA. Well, honestly there isn't anything wrong with either group. Now, it's entirely up to you which group you want to be a part of but when it comes to PDA, there are some unwritten rules about where and when you can do it. While it'll be okay at some places and particular times, other times it may not be. So, here are some scenarios in which it's pretty okay to show some PDA.


02/12At the movies

At the movies

It's only natural for you to be feeling those romantic vibes if you're watching a romantic movie with your partner. But of course, make sure that you aren't getting too comfortable and causing a nuisance to other movie-goers.


03/12At a match

At a match

We all know that India goes absolutely gaga when there's a Cricket match going on. So, if you're at the stadium with your partner and your favourite team has scored a run, that's an absolutely amazing reason to celebrate. Showing some PDA here will hardly matter.


04/12At the waiting room

At the waiting room

Going to a hospital or a clinic can be an emotionally draining experience. If either you or your partner is nervous then comforting each other is perfectly alright. Embrace them or plant a kiss on their cheek and see how much better they'll feel.


05/12In an aircraft

In an aircraft

When you're surfing in the clouds and feel like you're in heaven, giving your partner's arm a squeeze of gently kissing them will only help make things even better. Wrap yourselves in a blanket for more intimacy.


06/12At the stroke of midnight on a NYE party

At the stroke of midnight on a NYE party

If you’re at a New Year Eve’s party and the clock strikes 12, the rules are thrown out of the window. In fact it is customary to kiss one’s partner at the stroke of midnight. So go ahead, smooch away!


07/12At a house party

At a house party

Inhibitions are bound to go out of the window, once you’re down a few drinks. Besides the best thing about house parties is that they are done with a lot a people around, just your close pals. That being said, it’s best if you did away with the heavy petting. You don’t wanna scar your friends.


08/12When your partner is deployed

When your partner is deployed

While saying goodbye to your partner when they are going out for a long duration is hard, sending them off to a war-zone by can be downright harrowing. If it were to go your way, you wouldn’t have it. But planning an earnest kiss on your partner’s lips as they head to serve the country is pretty much called for; in fact it’s kind of adorable too!


09/12At the airport security line

At the airport security line

It’s a classic lover’s dilemma, one of you has just accepted a life-changing job in another part of the world and the other one is left in pieces. You want the best for them, but you can’t part ways with them. So, what do you do? You give them a kiss to remember them by. You kiss them to remind each other of your love and the promises you shared. Hey, but just a kiss. No tongue!


10/12During your wedding

During your wedding

While even Christian weddings in the country sometimes don’t warrant a kiss after an ‘I do’ there isn’t anything wrong with a few light kisses during the reception. After all, your wedding is a grand celebration for your love. So why won’t you go overboard with the love? Of course, if you belong to a rather strict family, perhaps this may not be for you!