01/5This Independence Day opt for these fun tri-colour food ideas!

This Independence Day opt for these fun tri-colour food ideas!

Every year India celebrates its Independence Day on the 15th of August. And we're sure that like every year you too have some special plans on this occasion. If you're planning on staying home and trying some new recipes or if you're having guests over, wouldn't you like to opt for something that could totally impress them? Well, here are some tri-colour food ideas that you can opt for this Independence Day. Not only will they leave your guests impressed but it'll also help you celebrate the event in your own way. Take a look.


02/5Tri-colour vegetable salad

Tri-colour vegetable salad

This one is rather easy to make and also tastes great. For the saffron colour take carrots, for the white colour take steamed cauliflower or grated radishes and for the green colour take broccoli, steamed peas, green beans or cucumber slices. Arrange them in order and sprinkle on some salt and pepper and voila! Your salad is ready.


03/5Tri-colour rice

Tri-colour rice

For this one, take some rice and then cook them in three different containers. Keep one container plain for white colour, for the saffron colour add carrot and tomato puree and for the green colour add coriander or spinach pastes. Arrange the rice in order and sprinkle with your choice of herbs and spices.


04/5Tri-colour fruit salad

Tri-colour fruit salad

Yet another rather simple dish to make is a tri-colour fruit salad. For the orange colour, you can cut up slices of orange and place them in a bowl in one corner, then add bananas in the middle to represent white colour and finally opt for green grapes or kiwis in the end to represent the green colour.


05/5Tri-colour dhokla

Tri-colour dhokla

This fun snack is sure to spruce up your spirits. Mix your dhokla batter and divide it into three containers. For the orange colour mix carrot and tomato puree, for the white colour mix grated coconut into the mixture and for the green colour coriander and mint chutney to the mix. Once done, just place the dhokla pieces atop one another in order and your tri-colour dhokla is ready.