01/8Here's how you manage your anger

Here's how you manage your anger

There are people who get angry and can manage their anger all too well with their words and emotions in place. And then there are people who are a total wreck when angry hits them hard and they start screaming on top of their voice and create a big scene out of it. For these kind of people, there are various types of anger management workshops and courses. People really should begin managing their anger well. t's because oftentimes they might say things that they don't mean once they cool off but their harsh words might put a hole in the opposite person's heart. And that's not how it is supposed to be. This is why we've got a few tips and ticks to manage your anger if you're someone who wouldn't want to attend a workshop or take anger management courses for some reason.


02/8Admit how you're feeling

Admit how you're feeling

More often than not we go directly into denial when we feel angry or anxious. We think it's stupid to feel this way and we try to justify not feeling the way we're feeling. Instead, accept that you're upset about something and just give yourself a chance to think about your feelings. It's okay to feel the way you're feeling and if you address it, you'll feel a lot better.


03/8Visualise a calm version of yourself

Visualise a calm version of yourself

It is often hard to go back to being normal when you feel angry about something. But one thing that could help would be to visualise how you look when you're calm. Try to relax both your body and your mind and go to your happy place in your head. Think good things and before you know it, you'll start feeling good too.


04/8Focus on something else

Focus on something else

When we're extremely angry, our fight or flight mode kicks in. Now, if you're in danger that's fine, otherwise you're just wasting valuable energy. So, the best thing to do is to shift your focus onto something else. Walk out of the room, go to some other place, look at something different and let your mind calm itself down.




Once you have your mind diverted to something else, you tend to forget about what got you angry or irritated in the first place. And exercising is one of the best physical activities that you can indulge yourself in to make yourself feel better.


06/8Practice deep breathing

Practice deep breathing

You must have noticed that when you're angry, your breathing tends to get faster and shallower. This is why it is important to start doing just the opposite and practice breathing deep. It'll automatically make you calmer.


07/8Give yourself some personal space

Give yourself some personal space

Once you realise that the anger is kicking in, you need to get yourself alone and away from people. It really helps calm your mind down and keeps you away from blabbering hurtful words to someone who's not at fault. Go for a walk if you have to, gather your thoughts, bring a solution to whatever the argument lead to your anger and go back to sort the issue.


08/8Understand your anger

Understand your anger

It is very important to understand your anger and where it is coming from. You have the entire control to your emotions and only you can solve the issues you face emotionally. Make that effort to manage your anger as soon as you realize the source of it. Because it isn't a good feeling and it needs attention and cure, as soon as possible.