11/13Upward-Facing Dog

Upward-Facing Dog

Place your body in a plank position and stretch your legs keeping them pinned to the floor. Now, inhale and lift your upper body up. While doing this, focus on straightening your back and placing your hands firmly on the ground. Look straight into the ceiling and hold that position for about 20-30 seconds.


12/13Classic Tree Pose

Classic Tree Pose

Stand, by placing your feet a little away from each other. Breathe for half a minute, and bend your left knee by placing it on your right inner thigh. Once you’re in a stable position, fold your hands in a prayer position. After perfecting that position, slowly stretch your arms above your head, and keeping your gaze straight and not shifted. Hold that balance for as long as possible. Repeat the same exercise using your right leg now.


13/13The Bridge Pose

The Bridge Pose

Lie flat on a yoga mat, and bend your knees. Lift your body up using the strength of your arms. (The position has to look like an inverted ‘C’). By lifting your upper back, torso and pelvis, you will notice that the weight is on your shoulders and feet. Hold that position for about 10-20 seconds and get back to the initial position of lying on the floor.