01/5Looking for coloured lenses? Here are the ones that will suit you best

Looking for coloured lenses? Here are the ones that will suit you best

When contact lenses first made an appearance, it was as if they were a god send. They could help correct your vision without altering your appearance, so if that wasn't magnificent we don't know what is. While transparent contact lenses are great for daily wear purposes when you head out for a special occasion like a party or a wedding, you'd obviously want to experiment with your look a little bit. And what better way to do that than with coloured lenses? While you may be thinking that you can opt for just about any colour for your contact lenses, you do need to remember that you need to pick a colour that goes best with your skin tone. So, while we have a diverse culture in India with a variety of skin tones, here are a few lens colours that will best suit most of the Indian skin tones.




Most Indians tend to think that their eyes have a dark black shade but if you look closely enough in the mirror, you'll notice that you might just have a dark brown shade of eyes instead. So, if you're trying to enhance the natural colour of your eyes we suggest you opt for brown coloured lenses. It'll help retain your natural eye colour too.




If you want to experiment with something a little lighter than brown, then the next best shade to try out is amber. It's a light brownish-yellowish hue that sits rather well against your natural brown eyes. So, it'll help give you lighter looking eye shades but will also make your eyes look natural.




Yes, as weird as it may sound, grey is actually a great choice when it comes to picking out coloured lenses. If you're looking to deviate away from the browns then grey should definitely be your next option. It also sits really great on top of brown eyes so it'll give your eyes a deep and rather beautiful colour.




Although quite rare, there are plenty of people in India who are blessed with green eyes and boy do they look beautiful. Depending on your skin tone, you could opt for a certain shade or green like emerald green or olive green. Whatever you choose, trust us it'll look amazing on you. But do remember, the key is to make it look as natural as possible.