01/5Here's why you should start sleeping in a cold room

Here's why you should start sleeping in a cold room

When it comes to good health, most people talk about consuming the right diet or opting for proper physical activity. What most people forget about is sleep. Sleep is essential for you to have good health. This is why you'll notice that whenever you're lacking sleep you'll always feel unwell and groggy. But while the quality of sleep one gets can be based on various factors, were you aware that even the environment you sleep in is a big factor? That's right, experts claim that for good quality sleep, one should sleep in a cold room. So, if you want to sleep soundly, check out all these benefits of sleeping in a cold room.

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02/5Can boost metabolism

Can boost metabolism

That's right, sleeping in a cold room can help boost your metabolism. Your body has two kinds of fat - white and brown. The white fat is unhealthy while the brown fat can help improve insulin sensitivity as well as regulate your body's temperature. So, when you sleep in a cold room, your body automatically starts to produce and burn brown fat in order to keep your warm, thus also boosting your metabolism.


03/5Can reduce stress

Can reduce stress

Sleeping in a cold room can reduce both physical and mental stress. Since it'll keep you from sweating and keep your clothes from clinging to your body, physically you'll feel a lot better. The cold temperatures can help cool your mind and body down and help you feel relaxed so that you end up with uninterrupted sleep.


04/5Can put you to sleep faster

Can put you to sleep faster

When you go to bed, your body slowly starts to drop its temperature so that it can conserve all your energy. So, when you sleep in a cold room, your body doesn't have to work hard to cool your temperature down and thus, you can end up falling asleep a lot faster than you normally would.


05/5Can prevent insomnia

Can prevent insomnia

A lot of people who suffer from insomnia tend to have warmer cores, a study found. And because of this warmer temperature, they find it hard to fall asleep quickly. That's why when they sleep in colder rooms, the lower temperatures can help put them to sleep easily and can help get rid of that dreaded insomnia.