01/5Use these step-by-step instructions to perfectly tweeze your eyebrows at home!

Use these step-by-step instructions to perfectly tweeze your eyebrows at home!

If you're thinking about tweezing your eyebrows at home, let's make one thing clear - if you're not confident, do NOT do it. Tweezing your brows is no child's play, it takes patience and precision and even one move can ruin your entire look. That's why we all get it done at the salon but then again, with the lockdown enforced on us, we can't really step out, can we? So, if you're looking to make sure that your eyebrows look presentable by the time the lockdown is lifted and you must step out in society again, here are some step-by-step instructions that will help you tweeze your brows and nail (not ruin it completely) it!


02/5Clean your brows

Clean your brows

The very first step is to clean your brows using a makeup remover and some cleanser too. Most of you might be using makeup on your brows so you first need to get rid of that so that you know what's real hair and what isn't. Also, make sure that you have the right kind of tweezer on hand or else the experience can just be painful since the tweezer won't do its job properly.


03/5Trace your brows

Trace your brows

You don't want to look like Joey from that one time he got one eyebrow done, do you? So, make sure that you use an eyebrow pencil to trace the shape of your brows. This will help show you where you can pluck your hair from and where to leave it as it is.


04/5Now, pluck!

Now, pluck!

Now that you're done with the cleaning and the tracing, it's time for you to start plucking. So, pluck away and make sure to be extra careful about the hair that's below your eyebrow since the skin there is extra delicate and can also hurt like hell. Be patient and take your time to do it, there's no rush. Remember if you try to wrap it up too quickly, you might make a mess.


05/5Soothe your skin

Soothe your skin

Once you're done with everything, brush the rest of the hair off and wipe your brows clean. Opt for some soothing gel and apply it to your brows and massage your brows well. Don't use anything on your brows for at least 10-12 hours that will make things worse like soap. And voila! Your brows are done and on fleek!