01/6Lemon reacts to your skin in different ways under different situations, know them

Lemon reacts to your skin in different ways under different situations, know them

All of us has already heard a lot of health benefits of lemon juice and lemon water. It sure is the most simplest and magical drink when you want to better your inner health. And while it is said that it works wonders for your skin as well, you should have a little more information on how it could react to your skin under what conditions and what could be the result of the same. Just as everything has its perks and loss, lemon too has its own. We've got you a list of things that could happen to your skin if you use lemon in a certain way.


02/6Purifies the skin

Purifies the skin

Lemon has the ability to enhance the purification of your skin and other cells. Drink lemon water on a daily basis to induce skin cells and to detox and force out impurities and sweat that tends to clog the pores. This will in turn also help in reduction of acne.


03/6Gives you radiant skin

Gives you radiant skin

If you are someone who'd love to consume more water knowing it clears the skin but still can't drink enough quantity of it, try squeezing some lemon to your water and you'll be hydrated throughout the day. This will eventually make your skin look more radiant.


04/6Leads to hyper-pigmentation if undiluted

Leads to hyper-pigmentation if undiluted

Lemon juice needs to be diluted well. If it remains undiluted, lemon water can cause erosion and chemical burns which can ultimately result in inflammation and secondary hyper-pigmentation. Don't apply lemon juice or lemon water on the skin as any kind of toner or astringent because it might damage the epidermis and can give potential scarring.


05/6Reduces the signs of ageing

Reduces the signs of ageing

Lemons are rich in vitamin C which stimulates the production of collagen that helps in reducing the signs of ageing. Lemon improves the texture of your ski and also makes it firmer than usual and prevents fine lines as well.


06/6Treats mild acne and brown spots

Treats mild acne and brown spots

As we all know, lemon juice contains citric aid that works wonders on mild acne and other skin issues like brown spots, wrinkles and tanned skin. So the nest time you suffer from any of the above mentioned issues, you know what to do.