01/5Organise your jewellery properly with the help of these tips

Organise your jewellery properly with the help of these tips

Tired of having to dig through so much metal in order to find the other earring? Fed up of untangling necklaces? Can't seem to find a screw for that particular earring? Well, all of this is because your jewellery is probably dumped together in one place. What you need to do is organise all of it so that you have easy access to it all. And now that you're in lockdown and have so much time on your hands, why not get done with this. So, here are a few ways in which you can organise your jewellery like a pro. You'll be so happy by the end of it, trust us.


02/5Section pouches

Section pouches

We're sure you have at least one of these lying around at your place, so make good use of it. These kinds of pouches have multiple sections so you can store your jewellery individually in them. Not only does it prevent your jewellery from getting tangled, but being packed up can also help prevent other issues like oxidisation.


03/5Table or wall stands

Table or wall stands

Another easy and super effective way to organise your jewellery is to opt for table stands or wall stands. They make things so much easier in terms of access. And you'll have something to spruce up your room's decor as well. You could either invest in a stand or make one of your own.


04/5Jewellery hangers

Jewellery hangers

Jewellery hangers are amongst the best things to invest in if you want to organise your jewellery stash. They come in various different sizes and they have plenty of holes for you to hang all your earrings and you neckpieces. Plus you can just hang it in your wardrobe and skip all the nail and hammer hassles.


05/5Jewellery boxes

Jewellery boxes

If you're someone who has a lot of jewellery on you then investing in jewellery boxes can come in rather handy. They have multiple sections and drawers that can help you store different things individually. Plus, they look rather pretty too so it'll help add to your decor.