01/5Use these tips to help preserve your food while in lockdown

Use these tips to help preserve your food while in lockdown

Ever since news of the 21-day lockdown was announced, people went into a panicked frenzy and started buying food items in bulk. Now, while you may also have bought a plethora of things to hoard at home, you must also understand that food can start to go bad rather fast. Even your refrigerator can only helo you so much and after that, you have to start preserving your food. So, if you're looking to make all that food last longer, here are some ways in which you can preserve all of it. Take a look.


02/5Blanch and freeze

Blanch and freeze

One of the best ways to ensure that your veggies stay fresh and maintain their colour as well as nutrients is to blanch and freeze them. For blanching your veggies, you first need to boil them in water and then immediately transferring them into cold water. Then drain them nicely, pack them up and put them in the freezer.


03/5Pulps and juices

Pulps and juices

You can easily preserve fruits for long by either making pulp out of them or turning them into juice. Then freeze this pulp and juice and you can just use it whenever you want. You could later also top your ice cream with some fruit pulp for added flavour.


04/5Pickle em up!

Pickle em up!

Want to preserve those veggies that will go bad soon but can't figure out what to do? Just make pickle out of them. Pickle, more fondly known as 'achaar' uses a lot of oil or vinegar which both act as preservatives and can thus keep food preserved for lengthy time periods.


05/5Trimming to the rescue

Trimming to the rescue

People generally avoid preserving leafy greens because these just end up turning to mush when you unfreeze them. So, a better way to preserve them would be to trim the stalks or stems every day and then soak the ends of the greens in fresh water. This will help in keeping them fresh and crisp for long.