01/5Got expired bathroom products lying around? Here's how you can use them

Got expired bathroom products lying around? Here's how you can use them

Okay, let's be honest for a moment here; we've all bought that 2+1 toothpaste pack when we had the chance and accidentally left one toothpaste locked someone deep in a cupboard until we forgot about it completely. And just like that, we're sure you have a bunch of other bathroom products lying around that you don't use as much and now they've all expired. But that doesn't mean you should just discard of them. They can be put to so many other uses. Wondering how you can use expired bathroom products? Take a look.


02/5Shaving cream

Shaving cream

So, fun fact: Shaving cream expires in two years. This means that if it has expired you can no longer use it on your skin. You can, however, use it to clean various items like your microwave, furniture, tarnished jewellery etc. All you need to do is rub the cream on what you want to clean and leave it on for 30 minutes. When you wipe it off, the stains will come off too.




You might not know this but your loofah does have a shelf life. At most, it'll last you about 3 months before it starts unravelling. This should be your cue to understand that its life is now over. Use it to scrub your bathroom surfaces and taps or you could even cut it open and use it as a storage system for other beauty and skincare products.




Mouthwash lasts somewhere between 2-3 years so if you've got one lying around way past its expiry date, put it to use as a hand sanitiser. Remember it needs to be sugar-free though. It also works wonders in getting rid of unwanted smell from your hands so you can always just rub some of it onto your palms.




Toothpaste lasts somewhere around 2 years so if you have one lying around don't throw it away. Toothpaste comes in rather handy when you need to scrub silver and brass so you can just use it to scrub your oxidised jewellery to make it shine and look brand new.