01/6Here’s how you can get beautiful skin without using products

Here’s how you can get beautiful skin without using products

Yes, the skincare game has snowballed in the recent years. Yes, there is an extremely specific product that is targeted for your very specific and rare skin issue. Yes, flawless skin is more achievable than it used to be a few years ago, if you are willing to throw money at exorbitantly priced beauty products! But it always doesn’t have to be this way. Below are some things you can do, which will award you with healthy skin – eventually if not instantly! Read on to know what they are.


02/6Remove your makeup

Remove your makeup

Makeup is a great way to enhance your beauty. But when the day is over, it is important to remove it and not sleep with it on. This is an especially important tip if you don't want to overdo it by using products to maintain good skin. Leaving your makeup on while you sleep can cause more damage to your skin. That is why it is important to wash all those products on your skin to maintain beautiful and glowing skin.

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You know how after a gruelling workout you feel sweaty and sore, but in a good way? That’s the feeling of doing something good for your body and a notification for rewards coming your way! Here’s the good news, exercise doesn’t just give you a good bod, but also smashin’ skin! Sweating during a workout is like a mini facial for your skin. Your pores open up and all of the oil, dirt and bacteria are released. Just make sure to wash your face immediately after a workout.


04/6Protect the skin from the sun

Protect the skin from the sun

Not enough emphasis is put on how much damaging the sun can be to the skin. It really does speed up the aging process. Of course, you will always have your sunscreen. But here are some other things you can do to protect your skin from the sun – Wear a hat or a scarf, rock those sunglasses and just walk on the shady side of the street.


05/6Keep hydrated

Keep hydrated

There’s a difference between moisturised skin and hydrated skin. While moisturisation can be achieved topically, with your handy moisturiser, hydration cannot. Enter H20 to the rescue. Drink water, lots of it! Additionally, you can also consume fruits and vegetables with high-water content. That way, you will be giving your body the essential nutrients along with the water.


06/6Skip the alcohol

Skip the alcohol

An occasional drink or two is perfectly alright, but binging like college kids is not. Hangovers are a cake walk in the 20s, but get progressively worse as we age. Even just a drink or two can have you looking like you haven't slept in days. So, get in the habit now of skipping the drinks. Not only will you wake up feeling better and more refreshed, your skin will look that way too.