01/4​They have separate interests

​They have separate interests

The happiest couples have a dynamic life together and an active life apart. This also makes many you miss each other. Men and women who still prioritize their relationship but also their unique passions and time with their friends and family end up feeling self-expressed, free and happy when they return home to their partners.


02/4​They have ‘no-tech’ time

​They have ‘no-tech’ time

Many couples in the digital age can probably relate to a time or two (or, uh, more) when their partner wasn’t paying attention to them . because they were busy burying their heads into their phone. Digital boundaries need to be created for quality time together, thus a higher level of intimacy when you're detached from your devices.


03/4​They like making their partner’s life easier

​They like making their partner’s life easier

Letting go of some of your own comforts for something that will make your partner happier (like couch shopping with your wife instead of watching another golf tournament) may improve your relationship satisfaction. Be willing to give more than you receive, and both of you may experience sexual happiness for many years to come.


04/4​They don’t let themselves get in a rut

​They don’t let themselves get in a rut

It sounds obvious, but passionate couples mix it up a little, whether that’s a time of day, location, position... you get the idea! Do little changes to overcome that boring rut. Men and women have a strong need for adventure, novelty, mystery, risk, danger, for the unknown and the unexpected. This element is one of the secrets to desire!