01/6Health at home could go for a toss if you keep doing these things

Health at home could go for a toss if you keep doing these things

It's the time of self isolation for all of us until the threat of the deadly virus goes away. And while we think we're at home all safe and sound from any health issues, you might be thinking it all wrong? Of course we're not talking about the virus here, but other day to day things that you might be doing which can ruin your health even if you're simply staying indoors. We've listed down a few things that can affect your health indoors and if you've been doing any of these on a daily basis, you should know that you need to alter them as soon as possible in order to stay fit and fine.


02/6You're watching too much news

You're watching too much news

We understand that it's this time that we'd want to keep a tab on everything that is going around in the world due to the pandemic. But you can't let yourself sit in front of the TV or keep listening to news updates for almost an entire day. This will start to give you stress and depression that you aren't supposed to get while you're already fighting a pandemic sitting at home.


03/6Not taking off your shoes

Not taking off your shoes

Since everyone needs groceries after a few days, you might step out and get yourself a few things. But if you don't remove your shoes once you're home, it could put you to risk of transferring harmful bacteria from outdoors into the home surfaces. Make sure you take off your shoes as soon as you're home and wash your feet so that you can be safe and sound.




Since you're bored at home, it can easily make you lure into online shopping which can later on increase stress and anxiety if you spend a lot on shopping the things you'd hardly want. Limit yourself when it comes to shopping. Or have some control over your mind and only shop for the things you need or if you need.


05/6Napping too much

Napping too much

Since you have all the time at home and some of you haven't been sleeping well in the night, it could mean you take a lot of naps in the day time. This can cause drowsiness with inactivity or heavy lunches. If you nap, you sabotage your sleep drive for a consolidated night sleep period. Hence, try to do some or the other things in the day time and keep yourself active so that you can easily sleep in the night.


06/6Staying up for too late

Staying up for too late

Has your sleep gone for a toss ever since you've been under self isolation? Yeah, we get how boring your days can get which can make it impossible to get to bed on your usual sleep time. Your sleep starts to get wonky as you've stopped stepping out and getting some sun. This is why you need to make sure you get some minutes of sun on you each day. Even if it's in the balcony or on the terrace, get that sunlight and you'll be fine.