01/33Take notes from Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on how to don accessories

Take notes from Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on how to don accessories

It's no news that Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has a separate fan-base only and only dedicated to her fashion styling. She's called the most fashionable actress of Bollywood and we don't question why. The way she carries all her outfits, accessories, hairstyles, footwear and bags is something that is steal-worthy. No matter what the occasion, this woman knows to dress up just right. To top it all, she's very confident with whatever colour or whatever look is decided for her. That's what inspires the crowd so much. And this brought us to the topic of learning how to accessorize our outfit because it's true that without some jewelry on, the entire look can seem incomplete. So ladies, here's a list of types of accessories that you can don on different occasions and they're all inspired by our very stylish diva, Sonam.


02/33Unique shaped jewelry

Unique shaped jewelry

It's all about some eye-catching jewelry that people can turn heads to. It's also about the elegance and beauty that it brings to the piece and how it matches with your whole look. Definitely taking some lessons from none other than Sonam Kapoor on it.


03/33Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces

Chunky pearl necklaces have never gone out of style ever since all these years. Our grandparents wore it, our mothers wore it and now we wear it too. They're so authentic, royal and stylish all at the same time. Sonam has pulled off a beautiful set of pearl necklace with matching earrings and we love how it looks on her yellow and green outfit.


04/33Pearls and uncut diamonds

Pearls and uncut diamonds

If there are two combinations that look absolutely royal and elegant, it has to be some white pearls with beautiful uncut diamonds. It changes the whole look of any accessory. Of course you can also pair this combination in some chunky chokers and traditional drop earrings.


05/33Chain earrings

Chain earrings

It's very important to accessorize your outfits so that your look seems complete. And with all the new trends coming up, you must cash on it and make the most use of it. Look how nice Sonam has made these chain earrings look on a blazer suit.


06/33Statement pieces

Statement pieces

There are accessories that everyone owns and then there are statement pieces that is exclusively only for you. Every woman should own statement accessories and save them for times when you'd want to turn some heads and make people curious about where you bought it from. Some mystery is always fun, right?


07/33Thick ethnic chokers

Thick ethnic chokers

This one can never go out of style. Indian ethnic chokers that are thick enough to cover your neck and collarbones is something that looks royal as ever on a rather subtle Indian wear. Sonam has balanced it out with petite earrings and finger rings. She's also chosen to go all smokey eyes to finish this look.


08/33Cliche designs

Cliche designs

It's not like you always have to get your hands on something fancy, abstract and unique. Sometimes, you can make the most cliche designs work wonders for you. In this case, Sonam's wearing a pair of big heart earrings and makes it work magically for her pastel green pantsuit.


09/33Minimal jewelry

Minimal jewelry

Doesn't matter what outfit you wear, western or Indian, you must always cover it up with some really nice accessories. Even if it's something like Sonam has worn here, you can subtly chunk it up with some minimal jewelry that can finish the look just fine.


10/33Dull golds

Dull golds

For all those times when you want to keep it subtle but royal, pick dull gold jewelry. The ones that Sonam has sported works wonders for events like weddings or traditional Indian functions and be sure to receive many compliments for the same.