11/33Minimal jewelry

Minimal jewelry

Doesn't matter what outfit you wear, western or Indian, you must always cover it up with some really nice accessories. Even if it's something like Sonam has worn here, you can subtly chunk it up with some minimal jewelry that can finish the look just fine.


12/33Dull golds

Dull golds

For all those times when you want to keep it subtle but royal, pick dull gold jewelry. The ones that Sonam has sported works wonders for events like weddings or traditional Indian functions and be sure to receive many compliments for the same.


13/33Glittery diamonds

Glittery diamonds

These ones are for the times when you're wearing a really dramatic but solid single coloured outfit and you need something to bling on your ears only. Diamonds are a woman's favourite and this is one reason for you to buy some more.


14/33Aesthetic earrings

Aesthetic earrings

For every time when you feel the need to wear something out of the classic or traditional vibe, wear aesthetic earrings. These fit in just right to make any and every outfit look all the more worthy a look!


15/33Gold hoops

Gold hoops

The classic hoops have gotten trendier with the changing season and they've only gone ahead to be bigger, thicker and better. We now get them in all kinds of patters and even in shades of gold. The kind of rings that Sonam has paired are just right for a formal outing where you'd want to make an impression.


16/33Petite piercings

Petite piercings

If you have a dramatic outfit that's already taking all the attention, you can simply accessorize it with petite piercings and small studs to finish the look.


17/33Mix n match

Mix n match

Women who love experimenting also love to mix and match outfits with accessories. There is no rule that you have to match everything all the time. You do you and your fashion styling is unique than the rest. So go ahead and find yourself a piece of accessory and throw it on something completely different than its colour, patter or print.


18/33Belt it up

Belt it up

The one thing that's trending way too much lately is to emphasize on belts with whatever outfit you wear. You can belt any outfit up even if it's a saree. Loud belts or petite ones, all can work unless you know how to accessorize your outfit all too well.


19/33Traditional designs

Traditional designs

There are so many ancient pieces of designs that are always in trend some or the other time. You can buy yourself some junk jewelry of such traditional designs and finish your boho look with these kind of accessories. They look really raw and attractive at the same time.


20/33Fusion jewelry

Fusion jewelry

With all the new explorations that jewelry designers have been making lately, traditional accessories have got a modern and fresh touch. You can buy yourself a couple of such jewelry like these earrings that Sonam has pulled off and see how it changes your entire look.