21/33Sleek chokers and earrings

Sleek chokers and earrings

If you're planning to put on a casual outfit and still wish to accessorize it, put on a sleek choker and medium sized hoops to match with the choker. It will most certainly finish the look all too well.


22/33Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry

Some junk jewelry are statement pieces in themselves. Just like these stupendous earrings and short neck piece which is beautifully paired with some pearls to add a dash of elegance to the design. Such jewelry can be paired with any kind of outfits. And who else better than Sonam to take notes from.


23/33Uncut diamonds

Uncut diamonds

Every woman loves her diamonds. And the ones that have been attracting majority of the crows are the uncut ones. They are impresfect, they're fresh to look at and they're diamonds. Need there be more reasons to not love them? Pair it up on fancy occasion or on your big days and you'll feel like you're a winner at everything!


24/33Traditional maang teeka

Traditional maang teeka

A maang teeka is something that's going to make your traditional outfit look even more ethereal. It's that piece of jewelry that sort of finishes the whole set of earrings and neck-piece. You can buy yourself a couple of these that works in a few outfits of yours and give yourself a traditional Indian touch.


25/33Chic gold jewelry

Chic gold jewelry

Who said gold jewelry could only be traditional? You can get yourself a set of some matching chic gold jewelry to pair up with your stunning white outfit. Gold studs, gold short neck-piece, gold rings and gold waist band. All of which will make your otherwise white outfit look grander and elegant.


26/33Layered choker

Layered choker

Layered choker is for girl who don't settle for one. They're petite, chic and all things adorable at the same time. Pair it up with a deep round neck top or a deep cut collar shirt and you're good to go.


27/33Pearl pieces

Pearl pieces

Pearl jewelry is for times when you want to make a comeback with the best statement pieces for an Indian function or a wedding. The pearl choker and studs that Sonam has worn are perfect for an occasion like that.


28/33Loud earrings

Loud earrings

Sometimes, drama is important. And when you're wearing something in monotones, you can amp it up with anything that's loud on your ears or your neck or your wrists too. Just pick up some really huge earrings if you're wearing something like Sonam has and it'll do all the justice to the outfit.


29/33Cute stuff

Cute stuff

Every girl must own a cute little something that's colourful, blingy and adorable to look at. And something that Sonam's adorned is definitely what can match any of your casual outfits that you'd want to wear on a daily basis.


30/33Plain chokers

Plain chokers

Chokers are such petite yet chic looking accessories to pair any outfit with. Always own one like Sonam's jet black choker and you can complete any and every outfit all too well.