01/8These hacks are quick fixes for cakey makeup

These hacks are quick fixes for cakey makeup

While cakes are quite possibly our favourite desserts and have a place in our hearts, they definitely do not have a place on our face. Makeup wearers’ nightmares are generally made up of cakey-face. Cakey makeup stands out so much that even non-makeup wearers can spot it from a mile away. But just because you've landed yourself in some cakey mess doesn't mean there's no way to fix it. Here are some of our favourite celebrity MUA hacks to fix your makeup mishaps!


02/8Use a clean mascara wand to soften clumpy lashes

Use a clean mascara wand to soften clumpy lashes

If any woman has told you that she's never accidentally clumped on some mascara on her eyes, she's lying through her teeth. We're sure you've also done this but there's an easy way to fix it. All you need to do is take a clean mascara wand and apply some water or makeup remover to it and then quickly rub it across your lashes. It'll get rid of all the excess product instantly.


03/8Prep and prime in advance

Prep and prime in advance

This is rather important so always ensure that you prep and prime your face in advance. If you don't do this all that sweat and dirt can get clogged into your pores leading to lines, cracks and even a cakey look on your face. Make sure to invest in products that suit your skin type so that they don't end up causing a problem later.


04/8Watch out for drying ingredients

Watch out for drying ingredients

Acne-fighting ingredients in your skincare regimen, which if overused or if you're sensitive, can cause dry, flaky skin. If you target your spots with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, two common ingredients for treating acne-prone skin that can lead to dryness, consider only using these products before bed — or adding a super-moisturizing (but lightweight) layer to your pre-makeup skincare regimen.


05/8Apply makeup right after you moisturise.

Apply makeup right after you moisturise.

Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John has a strict policy against letting the moisturiser dry before applying makeup. He always preaches applying foundation when the moisturiser is slightly damp so that it looks like second skin. “This helps with the blending process, and if you don’t do this then the foundation just sits on top of the skin,” he explains.


06/8Use loose not pressed powder to set concealer

Use loose not pressed powder to set concealer
Makeup artist and beauty author Joanna Schlip’s handy tip to remove cakiness from the under eye area is to apply a small amount of moisturizer under the eye and remove excess product, then apply another thin layer of moisturizer and let absorb. Once that dries, you’ll be able to blend creamy concealer more easily if you need to touch up. Since too much powder accentuates the fine lines, she recommends using a finely milled loose powder instead of a pressed powder. readmore

07/8Blot, then retouch

Blot, then retouch

Blotting papers are so underrated, according to Spencer Barnes, makeup artist and co-founder of Spencer Barnes LA. They come in extremely handy when one is in a rush. If you’re pressed of time and have the a cakey mess to fix, Barnes says, “Just don’t press down firmly, as this can push oils back into your skin and potentially cause blocked pores and other issues,” He also notes that toilet seat covers and Starbucks tissues are great alternatives for oil blotting sheets.


08/8De-cake with a water mist

De-cake with a water mist

Cakey makeup can sometimes appear as the day goes on, especially if you’ve reapplied more. So celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney (who works with Barbara Palvin and Ashley Graham) suggests using a water based mist to break it down. “Spritz on a few light sprays, then lightly buff the skin product with any type of duo fiber or buffing brush to instantly de-cake,” she says. This gives the appearance of a fresher base.