01/13Are you finding it difficult to eat veggies? This is how you do it

Are you finding it difficult to eat veggies? This is how you do it

For many, eating healthy comes easy as they're all about fitness. But for others, it might be a task to stay healthy and cut down on junk food or even include veggies in their diet. That's true. There are people who can absolutely dislike eating vegetables and find it difficult to include them in their diet even if they'd want to. But there is a lot of information on the Internet about the various health benefits of vegetables and how the lack of veggies in our diet can affect our health. This is why, we've got you a list of few easy things that you can tweak a little bit only so that you can include veggies in your diet.


02/13Add veggies to your upma

Add veggies to your upma

Upma is a very filling breakfast, but what makes it healthier is minced veggies. Not just peas, but you can add some tomatoes, onions and carrots to it too. Delicious, healthy upma is going to save your starving day.


03/13Make some vegetable smoothie

Make some vegetable smoothie

Too cliche to only have fruit smoothies. If you want to dedicatedly start consuming vegetables, blend yourself some veggie smoothie every other day and you'll see how filling and loaded with nutrients it is.


04/13Veggie pizza

Veggie pizza

Pizza for breakfast? That'd be the most favourite meal of the day, right? To make it a healthier option, add some good veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, some tomato sauce and part-skim mozzarella cheese. Yummy in your tummy is all yours to savour.


05/13Make loaded sweet potatoes

Make loaded sweet potatoes

Everybody loves a baked sweet potato as it's very healthy and very convenient to make as well. But instead of the usual plain baked potatoes, load them up with some toppings of your choice and saute some minced veggies to stuff the sweet potatoes before you bake it into something you'll call your next favourite dish.


06/13Have half fried eggs with veggies

Have half fried eggs with veggies

On days when you get late for work, you can hardly cook anything for yourself, but a breaky is important and so is your health. Instead of making the mainstream half fried egg, toss in some previously boiled veggies of your choice and top it up with salt and pepper. The yummy in your tummy will keep you full until lunch time.


07/13Toss in some veggies to your scrambled eggs

Toss in some veggies to your scrambled eggs

It's too cliché to eat just scrambled eggs for a breaky. Add some veggies of your choice and toss it all in the scrambled eggs and make it even tastier and healthier. We bet you won't feel hungry for the next few hours after this filling delicacy.


08/13Make some veggie burrito

Make some veggie burrito

Whenever you run out of ideas to cook yourself a yummy meal, but still would want to make something delicious and healthy, opt for veggie burritos and you're going to have a good time eating it all. It's filling, it's healthy and it's so yummy! Add every vegetable you'd want and sauce it up according to your taste.


09/13Add veggies to your avocado toasts

Add veggies to your avocado toasts

Oh, avocado toasts! They're everybody's favourite. But then, if you're someone who really wishes to jazz it up a little bit, shy no more from adding some sautéed mushroom or broccoli to top these avocado toasts. They'll taste all the more delicious!


10/13Make a vegetable omelette

Make a vegetable omelette

Omelettes are love! And we all know that we could customise omelettes as we want and the best way to do that is by adding a few veggies to it. Go on and explore the variations, there are plenty of vegetables on the list that go along with omelettes. You never know, you might just like it!