01/13Begin the meditation process with these helpful tips

Begin the meditation process with these helpful tips

Meditation might seem like a rather easy task but let us tell you that it is no child's play. More often than not, what happens is that you sit down to meditate and then find yourself thinking about a million other things. But that's alright. Not everyone is an expert at meditation and if you're a beginner then you have quite a long way to get there. So, if you want to figure out how you can rid your mind of unnecessary thoughts and get to the meditating bit, these methods will help you ease into meditation. Take a look.


02/13Do it in the morning

Do it in the morning

How many times do you claim you'll do certain things in a day and then completely forget about those things as the day moves on? Well, that's why it's important for you to opt for things like meditation in the morning. If you do it as a routine every morning, you're bound to remember to do it every day. And the morning is also often the time when your mind is fresh and clear of thoughts.


03/13Come right back when you wander

Come right back when you wander

If your mind begins to wander mid-meditation (and we know it will), don't be too hard on yourself. Just smile, and walk your mind right back to the meditation process. Start over as many times as you need and eventually you'll get the hang of it.


04/13Strike a yoga pose

Strike a yoga pose

Yes, we understand this looks like you're getting into it directly but because yoga is so intricate, it requires you to focus entirely on it. Owing to this, your mind will completely be diverted towards nailing your pose and you can use the pose to swiftly get into meditation.


05/13Step outside

Step outside

Sometimes being within nature can help you become one with yourself. Take a walk in your local park and clear your head. When you're done, sit on the grass and opt for whatever meditation technique you want. Your surroundings will help you feel calmer too.


06/13Write things down

Write things down

As we mentioned earlier, our minds tend to stray when we try to meditate. To ensure that this doesn't happen, try to write down all your thoughts before you sit to meditate. This way you'll have already thought of everything and your mind will feel at ease.


07/13Be comfortable

Be comfortable

Don't listen to all that hocus pocus about being in some flower position to help open the best potentials to your mind. All you need to do is sit comfortably and whether you choose to sit on the ground, on a couch, in your bed or even on your dining table is entirely up to you.


08/13Give yourself time to get into it

Give yourself time to get into it

When you sit down for your meditation, your mind is going to start flailing around thinking about all the things you forgot to do or haven't done yet. Let your mind do this and once you've thought of everything, slowly start your meditation. This way your mind will be clear when you meditate.


09/13Focus on your breathing

Focus on your breathing

Even though you might roll your eyes at this one because you've heard it a million times before, trust us when we say that focusing on your breathing does help. When you pause between the inhale and the exhale, you find something to focus on and help melt all your stress away. Doing this for just 15 minutes can help.


10/13Commit to your journey

Commit to your journey

It's easy to give up when the journey is hard. You may think it's just not going to work for you. But just like anything else, you need to put in the work and time to achieve your goal. "If you want to build a practice you have to commit to doing so,"Ellie Burrows Gluck, founder and CEO of MNDFL—a group meditation space featuring expert teachers who provide a variety of meditating traditions and techniques, told a news portal. Adding, "Most studies show you need about 10 minutes per day for about eight to 10 weeks to see the benefits."