01/5These hacks will help fix your greasy hair

These hacks will help fix your greasy hair

Anyone with an oily scalp knows just how difficult it is to keep their hair in pristine condition constantly. The excess oil can lead to a plethora of other hair and scalp issues like constant greasiness, dandruff and even infections. And let's just say dealing with all of this can be a nightmare. So, what do you do to get rid of all these issues? Get rid of the greasiness in your hair, of course! If you're wondering what you can do to fix your greasy hair, here are some hacks that will help. Take a look.

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02/5Don't use too many products

Don't use too many products

One of the biggest mistakes you make when it comes to greasy hair is to use too many products on it. You don't have to use a serum and hair oil and hair cream and hair mousse or multiple other products to help keep your hair in good condition. Either one of them will also do. So, limit the number of products you use in your hair and on your scalp and you'll see the difference it can have.


03/5Don't over-wash your hair

Don't over-wash your hair

The constant greasiness in your hair might make you want to constantly keep washing your hair with the belief that it will get rid of the grease. However, excessive washing can strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils and this, in turn, can lead to even more oil production from your scalp. So, limit hair washes to twice or thrice a week at the most.


04/5Opt for the right products

Opt for the right products

If you use a heavy moisturising shampoo on your hair instead of something that should soap up all the greasiness, it's only natural that your hair will look oily. You must opt for products that will help balance the pH levels in your scalp so that it doesn't end up being greasy all the time.


05/5Don't keep touching your hair

Don't keep touching your hair

Just like you're not supposed to constantly keep touching your face, you must also not touch your hair. When your fingers come in contact with your hair and scalp, they can end up transferring dirt and oil to your hair which can make it even greasier. So, constant touching is a big no-no.