01/13Skipping breakfast will result in these issues

Skipping breakfast will result in these issues

Breakfast literally means that you're breaking the fast after almost 10-16 hours since dinner time the previous night. And if you end up skipping even this meal to start with the day, you in turn put your health at risk. Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day but unfortunately a lot of us miss it due to various reasons. We're here to tell you as to why you shouldn't skip breakfast and what all health issues skipping on brings to your health. Trust us when we say this, skipping breakfast doesn't do you any good and you should definitely begin having one every single day.


02/13Lowers your metabolism

Lowers your metabolism

When you skip meals, your body will stop working as quickly as it otherwise does. This can mean that the body will slow down its basal metabolic rate only to compensate for calorie restriction.


03/13Gives you chronic inflammation

Gives you chronic inflammation

Skipping breakfast can mean you're having higher glucose concentrations and increased fat oxidation which means your body will break down more stored fat. Due to this, you might develop metabolic inflexibility, or have difficulties in switching the source of fuel from glucose to fat or vice versa.


04/13May increase risk of type 2 diabetes

May increase risk of type 2 diabetes

Skipping breakfast too often? It could increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. According to a study conducted by researchers from Harvard University School of Public Health, women who did not consume breakfast were at an extremely high risk of developing the condition. Their findings reveal women who worked and skipped breakfast had a 54 per cent increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


05/13You get angry faster

You get angry faster

When you wake up in the morning, you're already hungry since the last 12-14 hours and so skipping breakfast isn't the best option to pick. You providing no food to your body might only affect your mood and might make you grumpy at the beginning of the day. Eating healthy at the start of everyday will instigate good mood and positive thoughts in your mind.


06/13Your periods get affected

Your periods get affected

Skipping breakfast might not work all that great for women as they might start getting irregular periods. Eating habits can affect a woman's health and hormones a lot. Poor eating habits can mean poor health and painful periods even. Hence, maintaining a healthy breakfast routine works the best for every person.


07/13Immunity weakens

Immunity weakens

Skipping breakfast could mean you're weakening your immune system. Fasting can trigger damage to the cells and the body requires food on regular intervals to maintain the healthy levels of immune cells that can fight infections and also helps in improving the action of fighter cells in the body.


08/13Start craving for unhealthy things

Start craving for unhealthy things

When you skip breakfast, you basically have no energy and no nutrients to let the brain function. This could mean that you're on nothing since the last 12-14 hours. Worst case would be when you start craving for unhealthy food options like donuts, chocolates or anything fried as soon as you can get it as you're starving. This can only invite more health conditions to you.


09/13It worsens a hangover

It worsens a hangover

For many of us, Saturday nights could mean having no control over alcohol. And we all know that a hangover is about to come the next morning. Skipping breakfast in this case will only bring down the sugar level which ultimately invites headaches and nausea. Have a healthy breakfast to overcome a hangover quicker.


10/13Increases weight

Increases weight

If you think skipping breakfast will make you lose weight then you're absolutely wrong. Limiting food can start giving you cravings for sugary and unhealthy food items. Which ultimately only results in weight gain.