01/18The most common signs that prove that he is into you!

The most common signs that prove that he is into you!

It's always really confusing to know whether a guy likes you or is just interested in being 'great friends'. Need to know whether the guy you secretly like, feels the same way about you? Well, we implore y'all not to read the signs wrong. Let's just make one thing crystal clear - if a guy likes you, there'll be a ton of signs to look out for. Wondering what those signs are? Take a look.


02/18He defends you

He defends you

He comes to your defence whenever someone is trying to be rude or trying to insult you. He won't tolerate any nonsense from anyone when it comes to you. He'll always try to ensure that you're safe and sound.


03/18He comforts you

He comforts you

Whenever you're upset about something, even if it isn't a big thing, he'll always try to comfort you. He'll be extra careful with his words around you so as to not end up hurting you in any way.


04/18He tries to make you laugh

He tries to make you laugh

This is one of the most common things men try to do because women do love a guy with a great sense of humour. So, if he's constantly joking around you and trying to get you to laugh when he's not really that way with other people then it could hint at him liking you.


05/18He sits side-by-side with you as often as possible

He sits side-by-side with you as often as possible

The message is loud and clear ladies. He is into you. Even if you're sitting on like a comfy sofa and he needs to sit on a tiny stool he'll make sure that he's sitting beside you. And this proves that he's doing his best to be by your side constantly.


06/18He fumbles quite often

He fumbles quite often

This is one of the surest signs that he likes you. If he's an otherwise confident guy and you notice that he fumbles mostly when he's speaking to you it's because he probably likes you and is trying to give off a good impression. This might be causing him to try too hard which could result in the fumbling.


07/18He locks eyes with your faces

He locks eyes with your faces

More often than not we notice that even when we're having a conversation with someone they tend to look away or are glued to their phones. So, if he has locked eyes with your face and is paying attention to what you're saying constantly it might be because he likes you.


08/18He loves to compliment you

He loves to compliment you

When a guy really likes you he'll keep complimenting you even if it's for the littlest things. So, if you've noticed him telling you that you have really pretty eyes or that you look amazing in that red dress, maybe he's super into you.


09/18He remembers the little things you tell him

He remembers the little things you tell him

Have you noticed how he's the only one who remembers that on one particular Wednesday you took your cat to the vet where your cat sat and went through the entire thing like a good boy? Well, that's because this guy probably is the only one who cares about all the little things about you.


10/18He laughs at all your silly jokes

He laughs at all your silly jokes

Ok, now you have to admit that not all your jokes are as great as you think they are. But whether or not someone laughs at them, he will. And he'll do that just to make you feel better. Now, if that doesn't give you a hint at how he feels about you then we don't know what else will.