11/18It's written in his eyes

It's written in his eyes

A guy who likes you will tend to look at you a lot. However, when you catch him staring, he suddenly turns away? Is that a coincidence? We think not! The key to knowing if it's not a coincidence is if you find him staring on repeat. Chances are that he likes you and wants you to know him as much as you want to know him!


12/18He gets nervous around you

He gets nervous around you

Does he feel unbalanced, bothered or even just nervous around you? Chances are that he’s restless about making a decent impression on you. These behaviours are definite giveaways and you should be able to tell rather clearly if you notice them or not. Sweaty palms and flushed cheeks are giveaways too!


13/18He is always looking for what your reaction is

He is always looking for what your reaction is

He is always attentive and wondering what your reaction is, whether in a group setting or whether he just cracked an insanely funny joke and wants to know how you felt about it. You need to find out whether your response to what he says matters to him more than anybody else’s or not!


14/18He constantly wants to touch you

He constantly wants to touch you

If he finds reasons to touch you, he most definitely likes you. He may put his hand on yours when he laughs, or put his hand on your back when he talks. These are all signs that he wants to get to know you more. Nevertheless, in the event that he opens with ‘Is that a new bra?’, that's not somebody you want to be with, right?


15/18He is interested in what you like

He is interested in what you like

So, if you know that he's not the sporty type but still comes with you to watch a game or if you think he is willing to do things he may not particularly be into, then you can be rest assured that he likes you. He’s interested in you and that includes what you like to watch, listen, and do. Get the message girl!


16/18His body language is saying 'YES'

His body language is saying 'YES'

Specialists keep on letting us know exactly how important non-verbal communication is. And in this case, it really is important to read the signs correctly. Simply put, if he leans towards you, with his shoulders squared to you, without turning his back, then he has probably given himself away.


17/18He is always around you

He is always around you

Have you noticed lately that he frequently appears to always be around? Well, that's not a coincidence! It's because he wants to be around you! Whilst this might appear as stalkerish behaviour, it might be completely innocent. The more time you'll spend together in the same place, the better it is to get to know each other more.


18/18He refrains from just talking about himself

He refrains from just talking about himself

In all sincerity, we all like to talk about ourselves. However, if you notice that he's more interested in getting to know you and talks little about himself in the bargain, then that is a definite giveaway! Bottom line: It’s a sure sign that he likes you if he shows more of an interest in you than he does in himself.