11/16Neglecting Your Own Lives

Neglecting Your Own Lives

Sometimes it’s hard to balance relationships with people close to you with your long-distance relationship. Both partners need to have their own lives so that they won’t end up resenting each other.


12/16Not Making Time For Intimacy

Not Making Time For Intimacy

Intimacy will be heavily lacking without being in close proximity to one another so setting time aside to have a ‘date’ night is vital for the relationship," she says. Even though you can't physically touch, you can form a strong virtual connection. If this is something that feels awkward for you and your partner, maybe try starting out via text message, and then working up to more intimate methods like phone and video.


13/16Doubting The Legitimacy Of The Relationship

Doubting The Legitimacy Of The Relationship

One of the annoying things about being in a long distance relationship is people telling you that your relationship isn’t truly real or valid. While this can weigh a person down, acting on those feelings can be murderous for your relationship. Remember the essence of a relationship is in the emotional bond that you share with your partner. Hence, if you might feel let down by a few people, share that with your partner. But never brood or act on it!


14/16Trying To Resolve Fights Late At Night

Trying To Resolve Fights Late At Night

Older couples will always tell you that the secret to their long standing love is that they never went to bed angry. While this might be true in most cases, it definitely isn’t in a long distance relationship. If you try to resolve a fight when you’re exhausted and all ready to hit the sack, you might just inviting more annoyance and more fights. Solution? Talk about your problems the next day when you’ve slept over them and have a better perspective on them.


15/16Trying To Talk All The Time

Trying To Talk All The Time

While staying connected with your partner is absolutely essential, it can sometimes across like an overkill when you’re in a long distance relationship. Space, both physical and virtual is absolutely necessary in any relationship. Besides, a healthy relationship is being secure about your relationship whether you are with them or without them.


16/16Not Asking For Attention When You Need It

Not Asking For Attention When You Need It

This is probably true for people who are not in long distance relationship too. Expecting your partner to understand the things in your head is unrealistic, but is far beyond it when you’re divided by miles and miles of distance. If you want to share more of your partner’s time, talk to them about it.