01/5The good and bad of sleeping with your fan on

The good and bad of sleeping with your fan on

We all know just how important it is to get a good night's sleep. It can help you feel rested, refreshed and less cranky. Sleep is also essential for your body to remain in good health. And that is why the environment you sleep in is so important since it determines whether or not you can sleep well. We all sleep with our fans on during the summer seasons at least, but did you know there could be certain pros and cons of sleeping under a fan? That's right, check out all the good and bad effects of sleeping with your fan on.

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02/5Pro: Can help you feel comfortable all night

Pro: Can help you feel comfortable all night

Nobody likes to have to get up in the middle of the night because of some discomfort. It can hamper with your sleep quality and can also make you feel moody. That's why sleeping with your fan on can work rather well since it'll provide a constant breeze to your body and thus help maintain your comfort levels while you sleep.


03/5Con: Might lead to congestion

Con: Might lead to congestion

The one thing that is really bad about sleeping directly under a fan is that the tremendous amount of air can lead to nasal congestion. So, you might end up with a blocked nose and this could further turn into more problems like a cold or a headache.


04/5Pro: Can help with air circulation

Pro: Can help with air circulation

We've always been told to sleep with our windows open since that can help promote air circulation. And fans can help add to this air circulation which is good for your health. It can help get rid of any sort of stale air in the room and can constantly fill the room with fresh air for you to breathe in.


05/5Con: Could dry your eyes and skin

Con: Could dry your eyes and skin

Some people tend to have extra sensitive eyes or skin and because the fan is often at such high speeds, it can end up drying out your eyes (if they're slightly open while you sleep) and your skin as well. This could lead to a disruption in your sleep during the night and you may end up waking up to figure out how to prevent this, so that can be a little bothersome.