01/14Don't store these foods in the fridge. It isn't required

Don't store these foods in the fridge. It isn't required

You do know that you're not supposed to keep any and everything in the refrigerator, right? It's a very wrong thing to stuff your fridge with half the things that you get from the grocery stores. There are foods that you need to refrigerate while others should be kept out in the kitchen. Putting all the food items in the fridge even when it isn't required will only take away all the natural flavours of the foods and you might also just lose on some money if these refrigerated items turn stale in no time. We've gotten you a list of things that you shouldn't at all put in the fridge.


02/14Olive oil

Olive oil

Oils are never supposed to be stored in the refrigerator. They're better when kept in a cool, dry place and not under cool conditions.




You need to store all the nuts in a dry environment and under room temperatures instead of cold ones. They taste better when they're not stored in the fridge. But you can't keep nuts unused for a long duration, so make sure you use them soon enough.




If you're someone who keeps garlic cloves in the fridge, you're letting the cold temperatures take away all the flavour. They're meant to be out in the kitchen in a dry place.


05/14Hot sauce

Hot sauce

It's because of the vinegar and preservatives that these store-bought hot sauces have which makes it resist longer without getting spoiled. So you can skip storing hot sauce in the fridge. Rather leave them at room temperature because a cool temperature might lower the sauce's heat.




Refrigerating coffee in the powder form will only add moisture to it. Even the beans will get deteriorated if kept in a very cool. Rather, make sure you keep it in an airtight containing in your kitchen itself.




This creamy fruit needs room temperature to ripen and if it isn't, keeping it in the fridge will not do any good to it. Although, after they reach the perfect ripeness, you can refrigerate it if you aren't going to consume it immediately.




Basil leveas turn black quite quickly and so treat them like a flower and keep them on the counter rather than store them in the fridge. Make sure you keep the stems dipped in a glass of water for them to stay fresh for a longer duration.




Bananas can very much be left out in the open rather than storing them in the fridge. In fact, they won't ripen nicely if you put them under cold temperatures. They only need room temperatures and putting them in the fridge will only ruin them.




We're sure you've seen a lot of people store potatoes in the fridge or you probably store them in the fridge yourself but they actually shouldn't be stored in the fridge. Potatoes need to be stored in paper bags or net bags in a cool, dry place such as your pantry. The dampness from the fridge will turn starch into sugar and will make them taste sugary when you cook them.