01/38Low calorie foods you should switch to if you wish to fit in your old jeans

Low calorie foods you should switch to if you wish to fit in your old jeans

It's no secret that when one wants to lose weight, the first thing they need to do is to change their diet. Exercising sure helps, but dieting falls hand in hand. If the saying 'You are what you eat' is to be believed, then wouldn't you want to eat healthily? You need to ensure that the food you consume is fresh and is rich in vitamins and nutrients so that it doesn't lead to health issues later on. Here are some foods that will for sure help you shed those extra kilos.


02/38Chicken breasts and lean beef

Chicken breasts and lean beef

Meat is usually blamed for many health issues even after a lack of good evidence to back up the negative claims. Processed meat might be unhealthy, but meat actually is quite a weight-loss friendly food as it is very high in protein. Increase in your protein intake to 25% of regular calories will cut down your cravings by 60% and your desire to eat late-night snacks will drastically drop down.




Leafy greens are always too nutritious for health and spinach works best for the times when you want to cut on some kilos. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and also has a lot many health benefits.


04/38Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese

It's not about the fancy cream cheese spreads, cottage cheese is a nutrition rich snack that is packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin B which works the best for your weight loss. This fresh creamy cheese doesn't undergo any kind of ageing or ripening process. You can add this to your healthy recipes which can curb your hunger.




Three cups of arugula contain around 25 calories.Arugula is also a rich source of folate, vitamins A,C and K. It will also provide your body with calcium, magnesium and manganese. You can consume this vegetable daily in many ways. Put it in a sandwich or salad.

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This fruit is one of the most delicious and nutritious citrus fruit of all times. Grapefruit can be enjoyed on their own or in salads or on top of yogurt. They contain just 52 calories and so they can make for a great snack for all you weight watchers.




This citrus fruit has several health benefits and to add to it, the dietary fibres present in lemons and low calories help you in reducing your intake of calories. You can gulp down a glass full of lemon juice which will instantly make you feel full without even adding any calories. You can replace your water with a freshly squeezed lime water which also has the ability to keep you fit.


08/38Chili pepper

Chili pepper

Not a lot of us might know this, but red chili pepper can actually help in weight loss as it reduces appetite and increases the fat burning ability. Eating one gram of red chili pepper helps in reducing appetite on a daily basis.




You can pair fibre with protein as both of these can together take time to digest which means it can keep you feeling full for longer hours. Figs are very rich in nutrients which can be easily topped with your pizzas or you can mix it with your daily bowl of fruits.


10/38Dried apricots and raw almonds

Dried apricots and raw almonds

You can simply munch on some raw almonds and dried apricots when you get hunger pangs. Dried apricots are always a good option for low-fat snacking while raw almonds contain calcium and vitamin E. The combination of these two can add some some satiating fibre to your diet.