01/31Low calorie foods you should switch to if you wish to fit in your old jeans

Low calorie foods you should switch to if you wish to fit in your old jeans

It's no secret that when one wants to lose weight, the first thing they need to do is to change their diet. Exercising sure helps, but dieting falls hand in hand. If the saying 'You are what you eat' is to be believed, then wouldn't you want to eat healthily? You need to ensure that the food you consume is fresh and is rich in vitamins and nutrients so that it doesn't lead to health issues later on. Here are some foods that will for sure help you shed those extra kilos.


02/31Dried apricots and raw almonds

Dried apricots and raw almonds

You can simply munch on some raw almonds and dried apricots when you get hunger pangs. Dried apricots are always a good option for low-fat snacking while raw almonds contain calcium and vitamin E. The combination of these two can add some some satiating fibre to your diet.




You must know that eggs have high content of fats and proteins and they make for a very healthy and filling breakfast. Eggs are low calorie food that are the easiest to make and consume and you can easily watch your weight by including these in your diet.




Potatoes have always been called the unhealthy, fat gaining food item. Of course, it will be if you snack on it with oils like creams, fries and all of that. if you keep it plain, this vegetable has high amounts of fiber which can keep you feeling full for longer hours. It might be a little higher on calories, but it also helps in decreasing your appetite while also adding to your weight loss goals.




Not only does cauliflower contain a plethora of vitamins and health-boosting minerals but its also super-rich in fibres that can help aid digestion. It can help fight bloating and can also help keep you feeling full and satiated for longer so you don't end up overeating. It is also rich in folate and vitamin C.


06/31Hot tea

Hot tea

Always stick to a hot and warm tea right after your meal or in between meals as well. This will automatically make you feel full without consuming more calories. Caffeine warms up your belly and intensifies your desire to eat. It supports you greatly on your weight loss journey.




Who doesn't like mushrooms!? If you didn't know already, mushrooms have the lowest amount of carbohydrates and you can very much add them to your curries or saute them with other veggies and make a salad out of it. They'll surely help you shed some kilos.


08/31Chia seeds

Chia seeds

Chia seeds can actually absord 10-12 times of their weight in water and then move slowly through your digestive tract to keep you feeling full. You just need to add one serving or two of chia seeds to your daily diet and your cravings and appetite will reduce drastically.




If you think that soups can't fill your tummy like any other solid food then you're wrong. Of course you can't have creamy and fancy soups everyday. But plain soups that contain lentils, celeries and broccoli are quite a healthy choice for a low calorie soup option. There are various variations that you can try to make it work for you.




Watermelons are majorly juice and so they make for low-calorie fruits that you can consume every time you get some hunger pangs. The fiber content in this fruit helps in sufficing the digestion and controls your hunger hormones. The natural sugar in watermelon also helps in reducing the cravings for sweet and savoury things.