01/39Once you turn 50, you're bound to feel all these health issues

Once you turn 50, you're bound to feel all these health issues

Hitting 50 is such an achievement as well as a disappointment. It's because you're no more in your 20s or 30s or even 40s and you know your body is going through changes and you're now starting to get wrinkly and coping up with keeping the kind of energy you had when you were in your early adult phase. It's also an age where you feel like you've accomplished quite a lot of things and have a beautiful family, you probably own a beautiful house as well and have been consistent at your beautiful job too. But as much as you'd want to keep feeling good about turning 50, your body is facing a lot more health issues than you might notice. And that's exactly why we're here to tell you how you might face a few unexpected health issues once you're half a century old.


02/39You notice floaters

You notice floaters

Floaters can really start occurring at any stage in life but most likely after you hit 50. These are changes in the gel structure in the back of your eyes which is called the vitreous. This becomes more solid and form clumps that float through the vision. The symptoms of these include spots in the vision that can appear as webs, dots, lines, rings or any shapes at all.


03/39You start to think being overweight is a given

You start to think being overweight is a given

Some people call it the "middle age" because our middles get fat. Once you hit 50, your metabolism slows down as well as your energy. But, you can still be fit and fine at any given age. All you need to do is put in the hard work. One big reward for that is a longer life which makes all of it worth it.


04/39You're neglecting your health

You're neglecting your health

What you do in your 30s and 40s will start showing up in your 50s. Poor eating habits, lack of sleep, stress levels and lack of physical activity will all begin to damage your health once you hit your 50s.


05/39Lack of sleep could lead to Alzheimer's

Lack of sleep could lead to Alzheimer's

Evidence says that sleep disturbance can develop Alzheimer's and other such forms of dementia. Disruption of sleep can precede the symptoms of Alzheimer's by years.


06/39You Have Tendonitis

You Have Tendonitis

This condition is more common when you hit the number 50 on your age. And it's because the tendon loses its flexibility and becomes inflamed which ultimately causes chronic pain and inflammation. Tendonitis can mostly happen in your arms and legs and it can even get worse after repetitive motion activities.


07/39You suffer from hair loss

You suffer from hair loss

Once you turn older than 50, you start experiencing hair loss issues. Your scalp becomes weak and so does your hair from its roots.


08/39You suffer from COPD

You suffer from COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a chronic inflammatory lunch disease where it causes obstruction in the airflow from the lungs. The symptoms of this disease includes cough, wheezing, mucus production and breathing difficulty. This could be because of the exposure to cigarette smokes or chemical fumes.


09/39You’re stressed

You’re stressed

Well, you've hit 50 of course it's going to stress you out in ways more than one. Stress is inevitable and it can create apathy and lack of happiness. You start to feel overburdened and sad by the way life is happening to you.


10/39Your sleep is hormonal

Your sleep is hormonal

When you think of sleep, you don't ever think about your hormones. But sleep and hormones are interconnected. Your body tends to produce hormones when you're resting so that you can have optimal energy, natural drive and immunity. Changes in hormone levels can affect your ability to sleep.