21/39Things keep falling from your hands

Things keep falling from your hands

Once you're over 50, your grip starts to weaken and you have difficulty writing or buttoning up the shirt or things keep slipping from your hands. This is a condition that stems from the neck and affects the nerves in the ageing population. You need to go to the doctor in order to figure out a solution for 'clumsy hands'.


22/39You have sensitive teeth

You have sensitive teeth

There are people who have rather naturally sensitive teeth to hot and cold foods or drinks. Although, this phenomenon can even cause by more complicated gum disease. And if your sensitivity tends to disrupt even further, you must definitely see a doctor.


23/39You need more recovery time

You need more recovery time

Once you hit the age of 50, your body starts needing more time to recover from any kind of exercise, physical activity or any kind of activity that your body indulges in. And even if you take time to recover, try and stay active as that's the only thing which will help your body stay fit.


24/39You have brittle bones

You have brittle bones

You should know that your bone density naturally starts to diminish just as you start ageing and then it leads to osteoporosis. This bone condition can affect everyone, moreover to women as they grow old and increases the risk of fractures too easily.


25/39You might get a Thyroid disorder

You might get a Thyroid disorder

Once you start ageing, you become more prone to developing thyroid disorders. Feeling cold when it's not really cold, muscle weakness, weight gain, constipation are a few signs of hypothyroidism. You must visit the doctor for regular checkups once you turn 50 to get all these things in check.


26/39Your brain slows down

Your brain slows down

Once you start ageing post 50, it gets difficult for your mind to remember everything strongly. And this is why you must indulge in intellectual and physical activities that will exercise your brain to remember things better.


27/39You experience more nosebleeds

You experience more nosebleeds

As you age, you start to get more nosebleeds and this could be due to many reasons. With age, our blood vessels get thinner and less resilient. Other conditions like hypertension becomes more common and leads to more nosebleeds. This is why it is advised to keep humidifiers in the room or use products that help keep the nasal cavity moist.


28/39You might have a nutritional deficiency

You might have a nutritional deficiency

People who're older than 50 years of age should understand that your body will absorb and digest food much more poorly. This means, adults stop getting enough nutrients in their diets. This in turn decreases the body's ability to absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are needed for your body to function well. Hence, make sure your diet is rich in proteins, healthy in fats and plenty of fiber.


29/39You've got a prostate issue

You've got a prostate issue

Once men hit the age of 50, the chances of prostate cancer increases. More than three million men have this condition which affects the small gland that produces seminal fluid. Visit the doctor and get some blood tests done and take precautions accordingly.


30/39Your joints have more wear and tear

Your joints have more wear and tear

Join pain is one of the first things that will start showing up as you start to age. You might suffer from joint or disc pain or might get osteoarthritis as well. You will start experiencing pain in your hips, ankles, knees and lower back as well. This is due to the wear and tear of your joints.