31/39You’re incontinent

You’re incontinent

This simply means you might want to take urgent leaks or make frequent trips to the washroom and might have to limit the amount of fluid you consume because it overburdens your kidneys. This is when you should realise that you need to improve your bladder control and also improve sexual performance.


32/39You've Got Presbyopia

You've Got Presbyopia

Once you hit the age of 50, you start experiencing an age-related change that's called presbyopia. This is when your eyes find it difficult to focus and you have to start wearing reading glasses or switch into multi-focal glasses. You can get rid of this by getting a corrective eye surgery done.


33/39You lose the sense of taste

You lose the sense of taste

After you hit the big number 50, you start losing a sense of taste since your buds shrink. To improve this, you need to reduce the intake of salt in your daily diet and you can also cook food with strong fragrances in order to make them taste better.


34/39You start feeling increased anxiety

You start feeling increased anxiety

Many people have anxiety issues, which is a very serious psychological disorder. But some people are more susceptible to anxiety than others and their physical health can play a big role in how anxiety affects their life. Since hormones play an important part in the development of anxiety, a lot of people with anxiety feel like their symptoms keep on increasing with their age.


35/39You experience hearing loss

You experience hearing loss

Since your organs and senses start getting weaker with age, there are chances you might start listening weak too. Around 18% people of the age 45 and more start experiencing hearing loss and it only tends to worsen with as you age.


36/39Your liver is inactive or slow

Your liver is inactive or slow

Toxins start affecting our liver as we start ageing. This means, poor diet, sugar, alcohol and even anger can create a liver that is slow or inactive. Due to a sluggish liver, your body finds it difficult to metabolize as well as filter out toxins into the blood.


37/39Your metabolism weakens

Your metabolism weakens

If you don't eat healthy while you're growing old, your digestive process is going to go for a toss. Over the time, it will damage and your metabolism will weaken due to the loss of vitamins and minerals. This is when you must start eating diets that are high in protein which will help you build more energy-building muscles.


38/39You start shrinking

You start shrinking

This is very surprising to know, but once you turn 50, your body starts to shrink a little bit. You start aging and you lose weight due to the disc between the vertebrae that loses their water content as well as elasticity. This simply means that the cushions between the bones in your spine loses their shape and becomes flat. This is why you feel like you've shrunk about an inch.


39/39You suffer from sleep disordered breathing

You suffer from sleep disordered breathing

Once women enter menopause, their estrogen levels drop and they experience really weird symptoms that includes daytime sleepiness, weight gain, fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, etc. All of these signal towards sleep disordered breathing.