11/39Your skin starts breaking out

Your skin starts breaking out

You must know that your skin will start ageing as you grow old. And breaking out is partly because of your body producing less collagen with age. Collagen is the protein that helps in making up almost 75% of the protein that's needed for your skin which also helps in increasing the elasticity and ability to renew your skin. Hence, you should be consuming a diet or supplements that helps in increasing the collagen for your skin.


12/39You have too much adrenaline

You have too much adrenaline

As you start ageing, your levels of adrenaline starts kicking in. It is a problem that is very common since too many people have insomnia issues, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, anger issues and so much more. All these problems caused by excess adrenaline do not affect the life span. But excess adrenaline is still an issue to deal with in the later stages of your life.


13/39You've lost muscle tone

You've lost muscle tone

Since you age, your collagen decreases and you start facing lack of muscle tension from all the exercising that you do. This is when you must start to accept that your body won't look like it did when you were in your 20s. You should start consuming more protein rich diet in order to stay toned.


14/39Essential tremor

Essential tremor

This health condition is the most common movement disorder where it causes involuntary shaking in different parts of the body but majorly affects the hands. Essential Tremor (ET) can actually hit at any age but mostly among those who pass the age of 50 or older. This disorder occurs when an individual moves the hands. Although, Parkinson's Disease tremors usually occurs when the hands aren't in movement.


15/39Your hormone levels decrease

Your hormone levels decrease

Both men and women after 50 years of age go through decreased hormone levels - estrogen for women and testosterone for men. Both the genders go through menopause which can in turn make them lose muscle mass and strength, memory issues, mood swings, sleep disruption and weight gain.


16/39You have vaginal dryness

You have vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness can happen to any woman, although it is more common after menopause. These are the combination of menopausal symptoms that are brought on by a drop in the body's production of estrogen. To cure this, you can make use of some tablets or moisturizers only after you ask your doctor.


17/39You get more eczema

You get more eczema

You develop more skin conditions once you hit 50 or if you have any, they worsen with age. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and other disorders starts to surface even more after you cross the age of 50.


18/39You've got a Hernia

You've got a Hernia

Hernia is basically the result of laxity building in the connection between the top of your stomach as well as the diaphragm. It allows the stomach to slide into your chest which can result from the pressure that is brought on by obesity. Although, it is also related to the connective tissue loosening due to age, obesity or connective tissue disorder.


19/39You have an overactive bladder

You have an overactive bladder

An overactive bladder can lead to urgent need to urinate or urinate often which is a normal part of ageing. But you must talk about this to the doctor to get it treated and about various options to better your bladder. It could be medication or even bladder botox or surgery.


20/39You have dry eyes

You have dry eyes

As you age, your tear gland produces less tear volume. The glands in the eyelids also start to atrophy and produces less of the oily part of the tears which helps in preventing their evaporation. These factors can contribute to almost everyone post the age of 50 and give you dry eyes.